Touching the VR

Speaker: Dr Alexis Gutierrez Fernandez, University of Leon, Spain
Venue: Microsoft Teams
Date: 17/11/2021 11:30-12:15
Audience: All Welcome!


Virtual reality technology is not new, it has been with us for many years, but it has come into fashion thanks to the development of VR headsets. These devices offer high levels of immersion for the user focusing on our senses of sight and hearing. One way of improving this level of immersion is by engaging new senses into the experience, and this is where haptic devices come into play. We will talk about what can and what cannot be made with this kind of devices and how virtual experiences can benefit from its use.

Speaker's Bio

Alexis Gutierrez Fernandez is working at the Robotics Group, Department of Mechanical, Informatics and Aerospace Engineering, University of Leon, Spain.

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